VIP - Car Submission


VIP - Car Submission


Thanks for applying to the Slammed Rides and Water Slides Car Show VIP. Purchasing a VIP Car Submission does not guarantee VIP event parking. Spots for VIP parking will be limited and candidates must submit pictures of their car for consideration. A selected VIP Entry includes a waterpark, indoor, or outdoor paved parking spot and 2 guest admissions for the car show and Waterpark. Spot locations will be determined by event management. Cars will be selected for VIP based on different criteria. All entries must submit pictures of the following:

  1. Engine Bay

  2. Interior

  3. Left side of car

  4. Right side of car

  5. Front of car

If selected, you will be notified of your participation in the VIP portion of the event and your payment will be accepted. If declined, your payment will be refunded in full. Declined cars can still participate in the event as a General Admission Entry.

All submissions must be emailed to with subject line “Car Show - VIP Entry Pictures.” Our team will review each entry and contact you promptly following. Submissions must be entered no later than July 15th.

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